About us

The colorful art gallery of the curious in Bordeaux

Hello! I am Cรฉcile Hausseguy and I am the creator of Anyway Galerie.

This project was born from the desire to offer a new generation art gallery, a place of discovery and exchange open to all. My objective is to demystify what an artistic space represents: the Anyway gallery thus democratizes art and makes it accessible, both in the works presented, but also in the prices.

It’s a new artistic place that does not intend to fit into the boxes!

Indeed I wanted the Anyway Gallery to be a colorful, warm and creative exhibition space. It is aimed at both novices and experts. It is a gallery where artistic styles mix: modern art and contemporary art rub shoulders with urban culture such as skateboarding, tattooing, but not only…

You will discover new talents, artists more creative than each other. This is a promise!

The artists represented within the gallery can be artists to be revealed or recognized artists… French artists in large part, but also international… and this in order to make you discover a diversified and original collective exhibition! Different formats and artistic techniques are available: paintings, painted metal, digital prints, risography, screen printing, linocuts, sculptures, papier-mรขchรฉ masks, skateboards, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil creations… and many more!

Tastes and colors are unique to everyone, which is why I wanted a varied artistic selection which, I hope, will appeal to as many people as possible.

For my part, I agree to select the works of the Anyway Galerie in a sharp way and with a lot of heart. I make every effort to ensure that you enjoy discovering this place of uninhibited art … and why not make you want to acquire an original and creative work of art on an artistic crush!

What motivates me? Whether you fall in love with a signed limited edition print, a painting or even a sculpture.

The gallery is located a stone’s throw from Place Camille Jullian, in the Saint-Pierre district of Bordeaux, a must-see place in this city.

For the curious, art enthusiasts or collectors who cannot travel, you can also discover the online art gallery via our e-shop. Delivery is possible in France and abroad.

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