David Vanadia is a French artist and illustrator born and based in Marseille.

Through a minimalist style and the use of techniques such as engraving, paper cut and digital, he offers a singular work with strong graphic identity and illustrations that like to make sense.

A graduate of a school of applied arts, his practice is mainly developed around the themes of the human and the mind. David notably draws his inspiration from the philosophical sphere, he likes to give meaning to his work and undertakes to accompany it with a message.

In this digital age, David regularly feels the need to reconnect with matter. His practice of engraving and his experiments in glued papers give him this singularity sought in his artistic production. Cutting is for him a way of achieving a simplification of his drawing, it guarantees a subtle precision and represents a form of culmination of his expression.

With a more thoughtful than spontaneous approach, David likes to bring a poetic dimension to his work. Using graphic games and visual metaphors, David’s intentions invite reflection and appeal to our most introspective feelings.