Born in 1957, lives and works in the south of France. Self-taught plastic artist, MIKA L has explored several techniques, quantity of materials, various points of view or sensibilities, from maths to shamanism, in different countries.

His line of work, apart from the aesthetic and symbolic side, is always conditioned by a unique or innovative technique, by the harmony linked to the calculation of proportions, by the choice of materials which, taken together, will put a certain tension in his pieces.

The current social climate has naturally led him to sculptures that appear soft at first glance, but which can be tricky to approach or handle without care or delicacy.

The ordinary pride of nails. Nails ! The young nail is proud. Straight, smooth, strong, even shiny.

The nail is ordinary, simple, discreet, practical, silent, docile, useful, without surprises, without personality, without history, without value, flat head or without head, in short, they are nails. The nail also has its weaknesses, rust, stings, disturbs, threatens, too big, too small, it twists, it gets lost, it gets forgotten.

The nail is rarely alone, but, the nail does not know how to organize itself. The experiment is simple to perform. Poured a box of nails on a table. It is clear that anarchy and chaos reign supreme. A wave of the hand, everything is scattered. But, the nails dream! Among these dreams emerged feelings, great ideas, concepts. Yes, we come together to represent love, joy, poetry, games, justice, art, and … the rest.

Ovation and unanimity among all nails in search of identity! Well almost. If we unite to become “something”, we would no longer be us! We would be us, of course, because everyone would see that we are nails … but imprisoned in the thing that we are going to represent!

Freeze in the space we have been allocated. All of the same color dressed. Instead of being “ONE”, I will be “PART OF”. This general organization, despite a chaotic arrangement of the nails, is supposed to give something coherent. These achievements represent one of my visions of the functioning of human societies. Each nail represents similar individuals but with their different orientations.

Each piece can represent a different company, because a different organization. Each organization, despite their similarities, claim and defend their identities. What is the value of the individual in an organized society? Do you have to give up a part of your freedom to be accepted? Do we really have a choice of the organization that is offered to us? Are we only aware of the confines in which we live or evolve, however comfortable or aesthetic it is? Between harmony and chaos, sometimes it’s just a matter of zoom or point of view.