Her paintings always tell a true story, neutral or important moments, travels, childhood, past and present, life. Her work is often instinctive, her gesture dynamic: painting, scratching, sticking, adding, combining, destroying… to rebuild again. She always has in her mind an inspiring sentence given by one of her teacher, which became a motor :

“Never be afraid to destroy what you have, just make a beautiful drawing”. The essential is to follow your own creative way to remain authentic by expressing your feelings, be spontaneous in your work, be interested in others, be curious about life’s mysteries… As thwarted left-handed person, her left hand quickly stands out more free, milks it more hardly and more faithful to what she wishes to express. She quickly gave up the canvas to find the media of wood which corresponds better to her personality and on which emerged more easily the collage, the acrylic color, and the Plexiglas which plays a role in its works.

What was a nightmare for her as a child becomes finally an asset as an artist. Today, she invests her own space with her own marks, by telling little every time leaving a part of the puzzle in every picture or totem, leaving discreetly behind her some tracks of her story.

The work of Silvia Calmejane is inspired by the naive art of Jean Dubuffet but also its artistic vision, the art to reproduce:

“I would say that art begins only when you don’t know how to draw, that the worst we are at drawing, the more we make a creative contribution.”

This vision does not prevent her from admiring Klimt or Egon Schiele, Matisse and Picasso but it’s in the work of Combas, Basquiat, Villeglé, Rauschenberg that she finds herself.